Words From Our Women

“I was broken in every way; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I needed the SOS program to continue to make changes in my life and to grow in different ways. Now I am proud of who I am – a strong, confident, beautiful powerful woman that is always learning new things.” – Rita

“Career Counseling at Soup Of Success set me on a concrete path for my long and short term goals. It pushed me to do the research step by step and get a true sense of my starting point. I’m getting much more done in a shorter amount of time.”– Denita

“I was lost, depressed & mad at the world.The wonderful women that work at Soup Of Success give you all of the tools you need to make your life what you want it to be. I now see the good in everything; there’s always a positive. I have so much hope not only for myself, but for this world. I can accomplish anything. They helped me release all the negatives out of my life & showed me how strong I was. I am an empowered woman who empowers other women! I am my own super hero all thanks to Soup of Success – the best thing to ever happen to me!”– Jill S.

“When I first started, I thought I was here to help others, and to learn new skills.  Honestly, after I was at SOS for a while, I realized that it was much more than that.  It brought someone special out that is inside of me.  I was here to put my life together.” – Shawna

“I believe the woman I was, was in a dark place. Now I believe the woman I am has a light of radiance and I’m gonna let it shine.  I have replaced negative thoughts with positive thoughts for my well-being and I commit my mind to thinking and speaking positive about myself and others. I believe that young women need to have a positive role model. I, as a young woman wished I had a positive role model when I was young. Now as a positive woman, I will commit to being a positive person, and to be an example for the young women of today.  I believe I have integrity and self-love today, I believe the woman I am today will commit to a life of holiness, and God says I am worthy of love, for myself and others.”  – Doris

“I used strategies taught in SOS, to put myself in positive work situations that lead to a promotion. I  owned my accomplishments and recognized that past job performance can and will affect future jobs. ” – Jill

“I believe that I have felt lost and alone, obligated to satisfy others needs and wants besides my own for 32 years. not because I am weak but because I put myself last.  I believe that I am now know and realize that I am a valuable and important person.  I believe that no matter what I’ve done and where I’ve been I deserve to be happy and enjoy this one life I have been given.  I am much more than I ever gave myself credit for. I am smart, witty, charming and funny.  I believe that my voice is heard and people do listen. It is ok to speak up and disagree.  I believe my opinions matter. My voice matters. My creativeness matters. It may not matter to everyone but it matters to me.”  – Didi

“This is the best thing that has happened to me…I never knew that there was something in Elkhart that would help women the way that Soup of Success does.  This program is for women who want to help themselves and are not just looking for a free ride.  They will help you get on track and feel good about yourself.” -Rhonda

“I persevered and gave my best.  Because I made a conscious effort and was determined to succeed, I learned a lot about computers, money management, job markets, and transferable skills.” -Kathy

“I loved the empowerment and getting the help that a single mother, like myself, needs.  It has allowed me to take a deeper look inside myself and deal with a lot of issues that have unconsciously kept me from succeeding in the past.” -Gina

“Through support group, I have learned the importance of listening to myself, setting boundaries, and acknowledging my accomplishments.  I now know the profound impact this process has on my life today and the important role it plays in fulfilling my hopes and dreams in the future.”                       – Raquele