Happy National Sewing Machine Day!

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photoIt’s July 13th – National Sewing Machine Day! Yes, it is a real holiday, according to holidayinsights.com, and one that we are very excited about here at Soup of Success.  Sewing machines have a history here dating back to 2005, and with the Mittens on a Mission line beginning in 2013, it is easy to see why these often overlooked machines are of great importance to us!

The SOS women make quilt squares that are a way to creatively express themselves.  The squares are then bound together by class.  Long time volunteer Brenda Miller, owner of Sew Creative Threads in Elkhart, is our lead sewing instructor and is in charge of the quilt square project.  Above is a picture of a completed square, made by a member of the 2010 graduating class, Teresa. The quote reads “To reach your goals give it your all- what you put in, you will get back ten fold.”

imageThe work still continues, however, as several of the current program participants worked on their squares this week. One woman is sewing together a church, while another is cutting and sewing together the word ‘love.’ They all seem to be enjoying the project! To the left is a picture of two of our current students, Gloria and Cheryl.

Of course, perhaps the most important role that the sewing machine plays here is in the Mittens on a Mission textile arena. Headed up by former Soup of Success graduate Mechiel Dues, these mittens are made from donated wool sweaters, and have a delightfully soft fleece lining. The line has taken off, and hundreds of these pairs of upcycled wool mittens, hats and headbands are being sported across the country, even in far away places like Alaska!  Below are Anna, Gloria & Kelly hard at work in our textile production area.

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