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We are accepting applicants for our next class! Our program helps participants heal and move towards self-sufficiency. We help participants find their voice, identify personal barriers, establish goals, and find ways to overcome obstacles to achieve those goals.


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Supporting The Success of Women

Please consider donating so that more women in Elkhart can heal and grow into the successful women they are meant to be!

Your purchase empowers women to make positive changes in their lives.
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Empowering Women

Our mission at Soup of Success is to empower women through education and resources to build self-esteem, develop independence and improve quality of life. We work with women, right where they are at in life and help them to move forward and make positive changes.

Inspiring Hope

Once a woman begins to believe in herself again, and gains hope, everything changes. She begins to think about herself differently and likewise, other people begin to treat her with respect.  Goals are made, steps taken, and life changes for the better.

Building Community

Empowered women empower other people. Families grow stronger, neighbors reach out to one another, people become involved with places and things in the community, and ultimately, Elkhart becomes a stronger more diverse and vibrant community.