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Stories From Our Women

Carrie’s experience: Soup of Success during COVID-19

By May 22, 2020No Comments

CarrieCarrie is one of our current participants in Soup of Success. We asked her what she has learned about herself from the program so far, and she said “I am a great deal stronger than I thought that I was. That was an eye opener for me. I had terrible anxiety about meeting new people, but with SOS and their help, I find that much easier now than before. When we first did the blindfold activity [an activity where participants have to trust their partner to lead them while they are blindfolded], I could not do it. However, I did follow through and accomplished that and I was proud. Now, I am willing to take on new challenges, in order to get self-improvement.”

Carrie shared that this period of social distancing has been challenging because she’s a people person and being alone is hard. She also recently had hand surgery, so trying to accomplish things on her own is difficult. Now that she’s participating in Soup of Success remotely, Carrie says, “I have found that zoom group meetings and Sue calling me daily to check in and 1-on-1 weekly phone meetings with her, where we go more in-depth on things, really help. Kathy’s weekly emails are wonderful also. I love the packets we get from Kathy and Sue!! I look forward to every Tuesday going to the mail and seeing what I find in them! I usually post things as I complete them or post them on my kitchen cupboard. The support I get from my team members is also very supportive. The encouragement from all of the staff at SOS reminds the team that they are still with us, supporting us and helping us.”

Some successes Carrie is having in the meantime are persisting in her addiction recovery and in her efforts to reunify her family, as well as finding positive ways to fill her days like spending time on projects she doesn’t normally have time to do. Keep up the good work Carrie!

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