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We are so proud of Soup of Success participant, Angie! She has such a positive attitude and is making the best of things during this trying time of social distancing. Here’s what she shared with us: “I have learned so much about myself since I started the Soup of Success program. And when the quarantine happened, I was able to use some of those life skills that I had forgotten, but that I was just beginning to re-learn at SOS. I’ve learned to grasp at some long-term goals that I set for myself. For instance, I quit smoking the day that we had our last class together. That was March 17th and I quit smoking that day. I have learned that standing still isn’t a bad thing if I can observe what’s going on around me to keep my mind going forward to achieve my goals. I have made a meditation room to help me with my prayers and to meditate and to keep my mind going forward. I was taught the boundaries are a good thing and I have set some boundaries in my life to do with different goals I have in mind and, and I am achieving them slowly but proudly. I have been doing my homework that’s been sent to me in the mail from Soup of Success teachers. I have been growing as a woman, as a daughter, as a mother, as a best friend, as a partner since we’ve been on shutdown – by focusing on my goals and keeping pushing myself forward. When we go back to class at Soup of Success, I will be getting assistance to apply for college, the dream that I’ve had since I was 30. I’m so blessed to have the support and love of these teachers and my fellow sisters of team 22 to help me get through the quarantine.”

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